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I went to ALL the web sites around when shopping for my first trail running gear. Out of all the web sites I was most impressed with Free Sticky and especially their sales man Tom Barrett. Most places I went to seemed starving for a sale and did the whole "let me get my sales manager and see what we can do" routine to hustle a deal. When working with Tom he helped me from begining to end, zero pressure and just laid out the facts along with a great deal. I would recommend Free Sticky to any one and will definetly buy from them again when it is time to step my game up to an R1, thanks!

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Bolero jacket has always been a timeless fashion piece and a badge of honor. It gives that athletic, preppy, youthful and rugged manliness look. Besides these bolero jacket are great addition and a must-have for you wardrobe, especially as a light jacket as a in-between season transitional jacket. They originated as sports uniform for college and school players and letters were used as a form of identification. So people, hurry up because you can purchase such cool bolero jacket here! Charles Wound

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I have used many types of jackets while playing the recreational sport of bowling,since I used your high quality custom leather jackets.Don't want to use any other;the fit is perfect leather and fabric is weather friendly,no sweat smell and the leather palm really help my style of play.The right kind of gear really improved my skills.A unique wrist support and jacket all in one.It also experience moderate support without that uncomfortable 'brace or cast like' feeling. Andrew Bridge

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I have tried a lot of variants of clothes for riding a motorcycle. I met a very nice model that have attracted of their brands and titles. Unfortunately all they had a disgusting quality that repelled me from making a purchase. This went on for so long, until I bought the waterproof motorcycle clothing. It has a great design, but in contrast to previous versions the waterproof motorcycle clothing has a very good quality, which perfectly protects from bad weather. I chose the waterproof motorcycle clothing and I think this choice is correct. Nicholas Jones.