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I used to do racing on my bike with my friend and one fine morning while racing a cat came on the road and I hit my friend and we both fell of our bikes. My riding jacket got torn from different places and I got several injuries while his jacket got just scratches and he remained very much safe from injuries. The next day I asked him from where he got that jacket from and he told me that it's from The Skin Outlet. I ordered one for myself and now I know how important it is to have a tough leather riding jacket. Tim Hickman

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Stark racing jacket

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It was my father's birthday and on this birthday of his I want to gift something very useful to him .As he business man deciding and selecting gift for him is a difficult task .I searched for business gifts online an saw a watch with navigation in it .I at my first glance bought it for him as it is very useful to him as he is mostly traveling to different places for his business .And this navigation will help him in finding his way and this watch also look trendy and classy. Edward Grant