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Hey My brother doesnt have any other hobby but playing ice hockey. He had an accident a couple of months ago. After four months of treatment on his wrist he is quite well now. The first things which I did for him after this incidence I had purchased parker coats on internet online shopping after browsing the sites. I got the order within 24 hours. When he tried the pair he felt his finger remain cozy and strong grip encouraged him to hold the stick again. Deon Nash

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I thought that simple looking dress on my wedding would make me look the best. I had always thought of being an elegant bride and so I was looking out for a range of simple wedding dresses so that I could choose the best design for myself. I liked many cute designs out here from where I chose a really gorgeous long dress with a simple v-neck from here. This dress makes me look pretty and is just perfect for my kind of personality. Thank you so much weddings4sure for such pretty designs. Rose

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I still remember how my life took a twist and a little gift influenced my whole life. When I was of ten I wanted to look every thing perfect around me and wanted to change all them from roots. My father gave me some inspirational gifts on my 11th birthday that changed my mind. A motivational line engraved on a locket that pierced into my heart was "you must be the change that you want to see in the universe". I will give it to my son now... Barak tom

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I decided to study Spanish as a hobby. I didn't want to be cheated by false language learning claims hence decided to go only with Pimsleur Language Learning System. Because of unique technique of repetitive listening to the audio material my word count and its meaning and usage knowledge increased. I was made to repeat the learnt words at frequent intervals hence the ability to recall words and pronunciation improved. Listening constantly to a native person's voice helped me grasp the accent. My familiarity with the language earned me a scholarship to Spain. Lenny Midway Kansas, USA.

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It was getting better day by day but initially I had no idea about that development in me and when I took a look at the boys duffle coat of mine then I felt that during the practice sessions of mine I used to carry the same and that has really made the things comfortable for me to get warmth in the body which ultimately result in the better performance. I had now made it mandatory for me to carry this boys duffle coat. Ted Bevan

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I had problems with accent. I know many French words, I know grammar, but my accent was terrible and the exams in the University were approaching so fast. One of my friends who started to study French on line suggested to have a look at the audio materials. That pronunciation classes by native speakers appealed to me and I started listening to them all the time. My teachers couldn't believe that I improved my pronunciation so fast. Tom Jobes

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I like dirt biking, but since I'm only a beginner, I usually end up in some sort of an accident, like a couple of weeks back, me and some of my friends decided to go on a biking trip up a mountain, and like always, while I coming down a slope, I lost control and hit a tree, and severely damaged the gear, so I went to the only place that I know who sell motorcycle backpack, which is the motorcyclecastle.com . These guys like I said, are pros in this business, and provided me with a good quality and low-priced gear. Max

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I opened up the beautiful shia labeouf jacket and saw what I have ordered and selected from leather4sure. My daughter has been elected as the student leader of high school and to celebrate her success I have decided to gift her wall street jacket, she is young and loves to wear such kind of clothes. She is busy with her preparations and I am waiting when she will come back home and I will surprise her. Julia Eric