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This is an excellent custom leather coat! It seems to come in standard sizes since I ordered mine and it fits perfectly, feels like my second skin. The Skin Outlet, by the way, surprised me not only with a well made coat, but with the fast delivery. Two weeks and I had my order. All my friends complimented me and liked the way it sits on me: from one hand it's not very tight-fitting, but from the other - it emphasizes my figure. It feels like illusion, since I don't think I'm as slender as it seems when I'm in the coat. Julia Melnilkov

Biker leather jackets for women

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Biker jacket for women

I am a very fussy person when I am shopping I do like to have the mens leather coats and jackets that I feel makes me look good its no good buying anything you dont look right in. That goes for my fashion and style as well. I was able to look through loads of fashion clothing when I was looking for leather coats men recently and I have Leather4sure to thank for that. I adore your men leather coats. Alex

Women's biker jackets

For a fighter it is important to have mens hooded jackets that are fit on the hand yet flexible especially on fingers to make the movement of hand easy and convenient. And I have found the mens hooded jackets of my choice from Jackets4sure. I was not expecting this site to fulfill my demand but it surprisingly did. So all the fighters out there must check the mens hooded jackets available on this particular site as I am sure everyone will find mens hooded jackets of their choice. And you are all going to fall in love with this site like I am. Connor Colin

Biker jackets for women

I just purchased my very first waterproof down jacket. They look nice and I have to say that it sort of slims me out at the waist. The next time I come back, I'm definitely going to get another jacket like this because it's very comfortable. It's not often that you find a store that has comfy clothing for a decent price. I am the only female rider on my block so that means that I have to look very nice when I'm on my motorcycle. Thanks again and I really appreciate the prices and all of the varieties that you have in the store. Keep the great books coming. Lila

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I didn't have much money to buy a jacket for me this winter and I wanted to have jacket desperately for the coming winter. I knew that I can find a cheap jacket for myself in the store cpp-home.com and I found a jacket there in the cheap jackets for women collection there. Though the jacket is cheap but it is very well-designed and looked very good in the image. I ordered the jacket and when I received it I found that the jacket is not only good looking but it is made of very good wool and when I wore it I found that it is really keeping me warm. Mildred Robins

Women leather biker jackets

Yesterday I got my best leather jackets and today's morning I have already tested them. Here is what I can tell. They fit me well. I had been riding for 30 minutes and my body were really warm in them. The leather, the jackets are made of is soft and allows feeling my bike's bodyle bar well which makes the process of operating of the vehicle easier. I can also add that these jackets are the best of all best leather jackets I have ever had from the other stores. So I thumb up. Tony Walker