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Another Way to get Cold Air to your Engine

Article written by Starbucks

Date Added: 06/29/2006

Like many other auto enthusiasts, Jeep owners are always looking for a way to squeeze a few extra ponies out of their motor.

Many products out there that claim to increase horsepower and torque. Some of them produce results and some do not. One proven way to increase HP and torque is to increase air flow to the engine.

More Air =More Power
Cold Air = Dense Air = More power
Some products, such as turbo and super chargers, increase horsepower and torque by forcing air to your motor. These products are effective but can be rather expensive. Cold air intakes are also available from companies such as K&N or Air Raid. They are designed to not only increase air flow, but also shield the air filter from the engine heat thus making the air cooler and denser.

When doing some research, I came across Truck Master Designs web site where I saw a hood scoop. I was impressed with the looks. As I read further, I learned that it was fully functional, not just ornamental. The advantage of a hood scoop is that is not only rams air to your air filter, but also feeds the engine the coldest air available. The air supplied is substantially cooler than the average cold air intake because it comes from outside the engine compartment. This equals more horsepower and torque from the Jeep. Although this is effective through out the RPM range, what makes this specifically great for the daily driver Jeep is that it is the most effective at higher RPMs, where power is most needed.
What You Get:

Functional hood scoop made out of High impact ABS plastic
Plenum (Plumbs the air to the air box)
Stainless Hardware
3M tape
Hood template
Installing this product is a breeze. It comes with very specific instructions, a list of tools you will need, and a template to ensure that you get proper placement of the hood scoop. The tools needed are the same basic tools most Jeepers have in their garage. The only specialty tool a person may need is a 4 ½ inch hole saw. You will have to drill four ½ inch holes and one 4 ½ hole in your hood. This part scared me, but with the supplied template and a hole punch, it was easy.
Installing the plenum is as easy as bolting it on and adjusting it to fit the cup nozzle on the factory air box. If you already have an aftermarket air intake or possibly a V8 swap, not to worry, this system works very well with aftermarket intakes such as K&N or Air Raid. Instructions are provided for those situations as well.
Where Can You Get One?

First you can see this product and many more at TruckMasterDesigns.com, but you will have to contact your local dealer to purchase one of their products. Below is a list of the dealers that sell their Jeep parts. You can go to the website if you are interested in parts for other vehicles as well.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a way to get a little more power out of your Jeep, you can?t lose with this product. The facts speak for themselves. If you ram the colder air down your intake, you will get more power. Furthermore, if you are just looking for a way to individualize your ride (especially if you drive a yellow TJ); this is a great way to do it. The hood scoop looks great. I would recommend this product to anybody.

Purchase / Vendor Info

Vendor Name: Truck Master Designs
Address: 29189 C.R. 36
Wakarusa, IN 46573
Phone: 574-862-4831
E-Mail Address:
Website: www.truckmasterdesigns.com

Our Thank You's!

I want to say thank you to Bill Muller at Truck Master Designs for his time, patience, and help. If you have any question, he is a pleasure to work with and will do all he can to improve your vehicle.

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