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The Fabulous PB ?Blaster?

Article written by Moab Man

Date Added: 10/13/2005

Or that?s what the can claims. There are a lot of penetrating oils on the market that perform to varying degrees; some work OK and others? well you?re not so sure it?s really doing anything at all. So when we at MoabJeeper Headquarters heard about PB Blas

The product comes in a can that looks gimmicky right up to the point it has the AS SEEN ON TV little red label. It also has some little ?EYE OPENING TEST? on it which talks about how this product will melt Styrofoam cups. I have to say I was not interested in melting cups, nor did I understand the point.

Not sure that this product wasn?t more hype than game I decided to give it a try. What?s the worst that could happen; I own a can of Styrofoam melting stuff? My daughter would think that was pretty cool.

So how do you test this kind of a product? I don?t have a set of rusted nuts and bolts just waiting on hand for testing of such products, so I can only rate it against other products that I have used.

Using a rating of 1-5, I will rate each one.

WD-40 - This product is a descent lube and everyone has it on hand. BUT, I have never thought of this product as being very good.
Rating: 2

3 in 1 oil ? works as a lubricant but does collect sand, dirt, and grit. Used as penetrating oil, I find it mostly useless.
Rating: 1

Liquid Wrench ? This product has always been my mainstay. The product clearly works but I wished it was a bit more aggressive.
Rating: 3.5

Which brings us to the PB Blaster, it is aggressive with rust and really lubricates. This product floored me in how well it performed and is just what I want in penetrating oil. Easily the best penetrating oil I have ever used.
Rating: 5

Final Thoughts

What about that Styrofoam cup test? Could it be that their claims of being able to melt cups is too good to be true? Let me say that just like its outstanding rust penetration it also melts cups as claimed.

I guess some things in life aren?t too good to be true.

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