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231 Super-Duty Tail Shaft Conversion Kit

Article written by Moab Man

Date Added: 11/12/2006

Tom Woods puts his money where his mouth is with the release of his 231 Slip Yoke Eliminator Conversion.

A main concern with any upgrade is whether or not you?re throwing your money away. We have all done it; you start with a little lift? and then buy the larger four inch lift. You buy a heavier tie-rod? and then you upgrade to a highsteer setup. Are you seeing the trend here? A lot of money thrown away every time we upgrade.
Well just like the ?Miracle Mop? advertised on late night television, I?m here to tell you that Tom Wood's Super Duty SYE kit is the last one you will ever need to buy.
How can I make this claim you ask? This is no regular SYE kit. Check out the picture. Notice the flange instead of the usual CV yoke? It's milled out of solid billet steel.

So what does the flange do for you? First and foremost it is your money saver. When you decide to upgrade to a heavier axle, larger driveshaft, and bigger u-joints; your money already invested in this SYE is not thrown away. If you look closely, there are two bolt-hole patterns in the flange. This allows the running of CV or non-CV driveshafts that use 1310, 1330, 1350, and *1410 u-joints. In plain English, you are covered from the lowly D35 axle all the way up to a D60 and all points in between.

*1410 driveshaft must be non-CV

Let's not forget about the output shaft that comes with the kit. You wouldn't bolt a heavy-duty flange like that to a run-of-the-mill SYE output shaft. Instead how about a 32 spline beefy monster, capable of handling anything a D60 can throw at it.

But wait, there?s more! (Now this is where it gets really good.) Not only do you get the SYE kit, a flange milled from billet steel, and a 32 spline heavy-duty output shaft, but also a lifetime warranty?

That is right. With every Super Duty SYE kit, Tom Wood's provides a limited lifetime warranty on the flange and output shaft. Of course you?re wondering what the ?limited? means. Basically if you were stupid, ran your vehicle without fluid, or put the shaft on a massive torsional testing machine and broke it, then it would not be covered.

Prepare yourself, here comes the clincher?

If you ever break either the output shaft or the out-put flange on the transfer case, not only would Tom refund or replace the product, he will also throw in $100 of his own money! He is that confident in the product.

Ok, enough with the infomercial. What do we think about this kit?

The instructions are straight forward and clear. However, don?t be surprised if you see instructions from Advance Adapters with your Super Duty kit. Tom and Advance Adapters frequently work together.

We would like to add our two cents on a couple areas regarding the installation.
1. Use Loc-tite. Jeeps vibrate and will loosen bolts. This extra little step will keep everything tightly in place.
2. Snap Ring pliers that open at least one inch are necessary.
3. The output flange nut is a crimp nut and will turn a thread or two before it gets really stiff. This is normal and ensures the nut will not come loose.
4. Tom suggests putting some RTV Silicone inside the bore of the flange before sliding it onto the output shaft. This will ensure a much better seal than the standard crush washer alone.

5. An impact gun is suggested for taking off and putting on the yoke and flange nuts. If one is not available to you; however, a pipe wrench can be placed around the yoke to hold it in place while using a breaker bar/torque wrench to tighten or loosen the yoke/flange nuts.


Currently this kit is listed for $575 complete with the top of the line CV drive shaft. That's about fifty bucks more than the other heavy duty conversion packages he offers, which do not include Tom?s universal flange or the $100 cash guarantee.

Final Thoughts

We have been running Tom Wood's SYE kits, standard to heavy duty, for years. In that time we have broke axles, exploded axle housing, and busted up an OX locker. We have yet to destroy a Tom Woods SYE kit and feel confident that he will never have to pay out the $100.

Purchase / Vendor Info

Vendor Name: Tom Wood's Custom Drive Shafts
Address: 2147 N. Rulon White Blvd.
Building #1 Suite #103
Ogden, UT 84404
Phone: 1-877-497-4238
Website: www.4xshaft.com

Our Thank You's!

MoabJeeper Magazine would like to thank Tom Woods once again for the opportunity to review another great product of his.

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