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2007 Advanstar Off-Road Impact Show

Article written by Moab Man

Date Added: 01/28/2007

Las Vegas recently was host to the annual Advanstar Off-Road Impact Show. This industry show, in its third year, is specific to the motorized off-road niche.

Vendors from Baja racing, to Jeep accessories, all the way down to remote-controlled cars came to show their wears for the coming year.

Jesse James of Monster Garage kicked off this years event. Jesse shared his story of how he was hooked (on modifying machinery) at a young age when he customized an old bicycle and sold it for $800 at a flea market. He continued talking about his days of turning wrenches on motorcycles, to owning his own shop, to the evolution of Monster Garage, and finally to his entrance into Baja racing. Moving on from his own story, he shared what he loves about the off-road industry and what caught his attention. Finally, he opened the floor to talk with the audience. Many of the manufacturers we all know today were inspired by Jesse James.

Enough with the show opening, let?s talk about all the new cool stuff we saw and what is coming out.
Rancho: The off-road market continues to grow and so does Rancho?s product line. This year they unveiled two new shocks. The first is a Rancho 9000 with a beefier piston and body to accommodate the ever growing full-size lifted trucks market.
The other shock is the Quick Lift; an integrated ACOS-style shock to give a bit of extra lift or level a vehicle.
Staun Internal Bead Lock System: With fewer beadlocks than I can count on one hand being street legal, and with minimal maintenance, this system rocks for daily drivers. The system works by clamping the tire to the rim from the inside. A small inner tube inside a polyester sleeve is wrapped around the rim and inflated to 50 psi. In addition to being a beadlock, it also acts as a run-flat and offers a certain amount of control and drivability in the event of a blowout.
OMIX-ADA: Known as Rugged Ridge to most of you, OMIX-ADA has a number of new products. On display was their new line of differential covers.
Interco Tires: Most famous for the Super Swamper, Interco has rolled out their new Irok ND. The tread pattern looks like a slightly more civilized mud tread, but it?s still serious enough to get the job done for most off-roaders.
BF Goodrich: The buzz about the MT?s new tread design has been around for a while, and most of it?s wrong. Although we agreed to not take pictures, and we didn?t, we can tell you that the picture we previously showed is about right. Here are a few more details? rubber compound is about the same as the old mud with a slight tweaking. Road noise will be up a bit as the tire tread is more aggressive. And many of you will be happy to hear that the dreaded rim protector is gone.
ARB: Here is a look at their pretty serious diff cover.
AEM: We are all familiar with aftermarket cone-style air filters that require oil. AEM has brought out a dry filter of the same style but without the oily mess and maintenance..
Superior Super 88: The Ford 8.8 has become a popular upgrade and alternative to the D44. Superior has introduced the Super 88 for those that feel the Ford 8.8 is still not tough enough. This kit is has a 35% increase in strength over stock with 4340 Chrome moly axles and c-clip eliminators. The kit works with 1998 and newer Ford Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer housings with disc brakes.

Pareto Point Industries: We all know that there is no glamour in oil filtration. However, this company has come closer than anyone else with their magnetic filtration system. Filters have the tough job of keeping particles (including microscopic metal particles form normal operation) out of the oil, and they can?t catch everything. This system uses very strong rare earth magnets, a slow flow oil bypass system, and metal screens to capture these particles. The theory is that by removing these particles, we can eliminate the metallic sanding particles within oil.
For those wanting to go one step further, Pareto Point Industries also offers a cleanable metal oil filter.
Air Zenith: This company has been around in the street market for a while. They were here to show off their compact air compressors. Specs: 200 psi, 100% duty cycle, 2.85 cfm, and an optional cooling fan. To put these numbers into perspective, these compressors will fill a 2.5 gallon air tank from 0-200 psi in 3 min. 02 sec.
Light Racing: This Baja-racing inspired technology will help anyone who drives hard off road. These Jounce Shocks serve as a progressive bumpstop to prevent a solid bottoming out.
Double Trouble Hooks: This fits your standard trailer hitch and offers some extra assurance that your tow strap won't slip off during use.
Advance Adapters: Toyota Reduction Case Adaptor to Atlas / Dana 300. Anything more need to be said?
Currie Enterprises: JK Wrangler leveling kit.
Warn: Air compressor and winch combo. By now you've probably all heard about it. It's even bigger live than it looks in pictures.
Skyjacker: Rock Lock Swaybar system. It uses a standard Warn hub for the quick disconnect. Just make sure you're on level ground before locking the swaybar back in.
OX Locker: For those that like the idea of electric actuation but like the mechanical simplicity of an OX, check out their new Electric OX differential cover. This is an optional upgrade and retrofit for those that already have an OX and want to convert.
Jeep: Bumpers? Jeep did not have a booth, but we did come upon these Jeep brand bumpers. Front bumper
Rear bumper
T-max: Here is the EX-9000 Competition Series Winch. (We ?acquired? this winch before leaving the show. Expect to see it in an upcoming article.) This winch is lightweight at about 55lbs, comes with synthetic winch line, and has a wireless controller.
Hanson Off-Road: This is their latest front bumper with protective hoop for your winch.
Sol Tek: This company makes a lot of great aftermarket lights. What intrigued us most were these LED light panels. This technology is in development and will be pricy at first, but it offers very clean, white lighting without ?hot spots?.

Final Thoughts

What can we say? It was a great show!

Watch for full articles on some of these products in the future.

Our Thank You's!

MOABJEEPER Magazine would like Advanstar for inviting us to the show.

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