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The Official Offroad Camping and RVers Cookbook

Article written by Elisa Jones

Date Added: 06/24/2007

There are few things more rewarding than a hot meal at the end of a long day enjoying the outdoors.

Like author Grant Reid, I have been out door cooking from my early teen years. So when I discovered this book, I was excited to try it out.
The author?s ingenious idea of pre-prepping the meals then simply throwing them together at the campsite is not entirely unfamiliar to my style of camp cooking. In this book he takes it a step further by actually pre-cooking several of the recipes, thereby cutting down on cook time as well as camp-prep. Many of the other tips he gives are very practical and time-saving as well without diminishing the flavorful food.
He starts each recipe by listing not only the ingredients needed, but also the tools used. He follows these lists with pre-prep instructions then camp site cooking instructions. Most recipes also have a ?Campers/Offroaders? option paired with an ?RVers? option. Recipe-specific tips are also included for each dish.
Some of his recipe ideas are as simple as ?Wrap the left-overs in foil, and cook them on the manifold? or ?Buy a tray of pre-cut fruit and stick it in a gallon baggy?. Others are more complex for you chef-types. I tried the ?Stuffed Mushrooms?, which required pre-cooking the entire filling, stuffing the mushrooms, bagging them, then baking them in the Dutch oven. This recipe was excellent and well worth all the chopping-frying-and-stuffing pre-prep. The ?Roasted Chicken? recipe favored me with significantly less pre-prep, but ended up a little dry and flavorless for my taste (though to be fair, the taste-testers enjoyed it more than I did). The ?Three-Fruit Cobbler? was my favorite, using blueberry muffin mix and combining peaches and cherry pie filling for a creative blend. I had the few left-overs for breakfast the next morning.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it?s a good book with great ideas and clever recipes. Perhaps in future editions, I would suggest trying step-by-step directions versus the paragraph-style currently used. I had to read each paragraph about 4 times to make sure I got it all. And then I had to read it again to just check on one step in the middle. Also, I found in a couple of the recipes that an ingredient was listed but not used in the pre-prep or cooking.

For the tools and tips that the author?s lifetime of experience has provided, it?s definitely worth the cover price for all outdoor cooks.

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