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Industro Wrenches

Article written by Dr. Jones

Date Added: 07/06/2008

We just can?t get enough of these tools!

After spending some quality time with our Industro Sockets , we had to have more. Simply put, the sockets are the best set of sockets we can think of carrying on the trail (and using in the shop for that matter). One set does Metric and SAE, they hold better than 12 point traditional sockets, and they?re incredibly high quality. What more could you ask for? How about a matching set of wrenches?
Let me start by saying I always prefer using a socket to a wrench whenever possible. But as we all know, sometimes you simply can?t get a socket on the nut or bolt you need to work with. And like a necessary evil, the wrenches come out to do the job.
The Industro wrenches hold tight to any bolt just like the sockets do. Everyone that we have let use these wrenches on the trail has loved them. Doing some of our own repairs, as you can read about in the EJS08 article, we too had a great experience with them.
We did, however, identify the Achilles heel of the Industro cut for the wrench application. To explain, let me first set up a scenario for you. The bolt you need to extract is in a position that will not allow much back-and-forth movement, making it the perfect application for a socket. But as engineers love to do, there is not enough clearance above the bolt head to fit a socket and ratchet. This means that a wrench, and only a wrench, will work. Now for the Achilles heel. The Industro cut makes the box end act like a 6 pt socket instead of a 12 pt.
As you can see in this picture the Industro wrench is at a 3:00 o?clock position.
Rotating the box end around to the next best fit puts our Industro wrench at 5:00 o?clock as seen in the picture.
It's easy to see a scenario where these wrenches would not work due to needing the 4:00 o?clock position.
Here is a traditional 12 point wrench pictured in about the 3:00 position.
And now in the 4:00 o?clock position

Final Thoughts

We love the Industro tools and their proprietary cut. These wrenches considerably minimize the number or tools we are carrying, allow us to do more with less, and are backed by a lifetime warranty. But not every idea, the Industro cut, is perfect in every application. From our pictures above you could see the wrench went from a 1:00 o?clock to a 3:00 o?clock position. Well sometimes you NEED it to go from 1:00 o?clock to a 2:00 o?clock position in a tight squeeze.

So what does MOABJEEPER Magazine recommend?

If you?re looking for your first set of wrenches buy the Industros. You get a whole lot of tool for little money when you consider the 6 bolt configurations these wrenches can handle. We opted for a set with metric open ends rather than SAE since the majority of the fasteners on Jeeps are Metric. Wrenches with SAE open ends are also available, so consider what you'll be working on most often before ordering.

If you already own two sets of wrenches, metric and standard, we still recommend these wrenches because there is no frustration going between metric and standard tools with the mix of metric and standard bolts on you vehicle.

To Purchase
Industro sockets can be purchased directly from one of the Industro tool vans. However, similar to many other high quality "van" tools, this may not always be the easiest method for the shade-tree mechanic. Fortunately, Industro sells direct through their website.

To purchase the reviewed Indo-Wrench set
visit them on the web at:


Industro Tools
515 West Pickett Circle
STE 200
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Toll Free: 1-877-844-6788


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