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Teraflex 3" JK Lift Review

Article written by Carl "Silverback" Schaible

Date Added: 07/13/2008

So you want a little lift for your JK? Teraflex has got your hook up!

I have had many lifted vehicles over my wheeling lifetime: some Jeeps, some not. Those vehicles have had many different brands of lifts at various times. In my latest latest incarnation, a four door Wrangler ?The Beast? we will start out with a basic set of Teraflex 3" coils, shocks, bump stop extensions, and brake lines.

Where to start? I know that on-road manners are not the primary concern when shopping around for a lift. But if you want to keep your significant other happy, and believe me you do, the lift you install had better not contribute to rattling dental fillings loose as you roll down the road. Besides, the fact is the good majority of Jeep owners use their Jeep for daily driving, so we suggest you pause and consider the on road handling of whatever lift you decide on.

Even if you disregard our suggestion to consider on road handling, Teraflex has not. The addition of the new shocks and coils has improved The Beasts handling from ?ok? to amazing. On road it?s even better than stock in my opinion. While cruising the concrete jungle, the Jeep seems to glide over potholes and other bumps in the road that were just plain jarring with the stock suspension.

Even more important to me than the far improved straight-line ride is the fact that I don?t notice a "tip over" feeling while rounding corners at speed. Almost every other lifted vehicle I have owned has given that unpleasant, I?m going to die making this turn this fast feeling. Obviously Teraflex took their time and got the dampening dialed in perfectly on the shocks that they supply with their lifts. On-road bottom line: Teraflex got it right. But this is no Mall Crawlin Pavement Pounder!!!!! It's The BEAST and what?s most important is how this lift handles in Moab.

Enough of the concrete jungle; lets look at how The Beast did where it counts - MOAB!

The Beast made its first trip to Moab equipped with the Tereflex Stage 1 lift (we call it stage one since this is bare bones) made quite the difference. No longer was I leaving behind paint on every rocky break over. Dropping off of rock ledges was no longer accompanied with grinding steel and bottoming out bump stops.

I?d like to take this time to stray from the lift review for a moment and share a truly sad experience. Writing for a magazine isn?t all about glory, girls, and Moab trips. I?m sad to announce a tragic loss on this particular excursion. In an effort to get that perfect shot for all you faithful readers, our brand new $700.00 camera sacrificed itself to the Moab Gods as it fell to its death a thousand feet from the Top of the World trail. Let?s just say an overgrown gorilla probably isn?t the best choice for photographer when any sort of finesse is needed.

Final Thoughts

Teraflex explained those on a budget could start with a basic set of coils and shocks and get impressive performance with little investment. MOABJEEPER Magazine agrees wholeheartedly and recommends this as a starting point for anyone wanting to play hard for little money.

Of course if a little is good? more is a lot better. Our next step, Stage 2 for The Beast, is a set of adjustable control arms with flex joints, adjustable track bars, and some other odds and ends so we can truly take advantage of all Teraflex has to offer and unleash the full capability of The Beast.

In Stage 2 we also hope to correct a factory issue with the JK. In fact, something that may be little known about JK, the stock suspension has a tendency to pull to one side. Tera says this can be adjusted out during Stage 2 with the use of their adjustable control arms.

Installation Article
Teraflex 3" JK Lift Installation

Our Thank You's!

MOABJEEPER Magazine would like to thank Vincent Pratt, Dennis Wood, and all the guys at Teraflex and TeraflexPlus for all their support throughout the installation and current evaluation process. Silverback would personally like to thank Troy, Miguel, Warren, and Rick who made his trip to Moab with "recoverable" pictures a memorable and enjoyable one.

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