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MOABJEEPER Tool Bag: Sockets

Article written by MOABJEEPER Staff

Date Added: 11/22/2009

What tools do you pack before hitting the trail?

We are often asked what tools a person just getting into Jeeping needs to own. And while it?s easy to say, ?One of everything in the Sears Craftsman department!? we decided to be realistic and tell you what kind of hand tools you would find in the MOABJEEPER Magazine tool bags.
12 point
Pro: This type of socket is most common. Easily slides onto a nut or bolt and works great. Fits (rare) 12 point bolts.

Con: Rust, chewed, or really stuck nuts/bolts may be rounded off. Socket applies pressure at the corners of the nut/bolt

6 point
Pro: If the nut/bolt is stuck, this socket will not round the corners. You might break the bolt, but you won?t round it off.

Con: Socket and nut/bolt must fit like a glove. This means you may need to clean up the nut/bolt a bit for the socket to fit.

Deep Well
Pro: When a bolt is too long and you can?t keep a traditional socket on the nut, this socket gives you extra depth.

Con: May not fit in snug places. Easy to apply sideway pressure and slip off the nut.

Mid-length Deep Well
Pro: Most of the time will do the job of a Deep Well socket. Fits in more places. Easier to apply proper pressure due to its shorter height.

Con: Can be hard to find.

Spark Plug
Pro: Keeps spark plugs from breaking due to contact of the spark plug ceramic with the metal socket. Rubber insert holds the spark plug in the socket so you don't drop it in the engine compartment.

Con: Rubber insert can slip out resulting in spark plug breakage if you don?t notice the insert is gone.

Pro: When you?re in battle with an immovable object, you need an unstoppable force. This is the safe way to transfer that unstoppable force from your Impact Gun.

Con: Added strength costs more.

Final Thoughts

These are all the different sockets we use here at MOABJEEPER Magazine. Some will perform in multiple situations, and other times, you need to have a specific socket for a specific job. Hopefully this will help you start putting together your own off-road tool bag.

Our Thank You's!

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