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LED Shop Light

Article written by Moab Man

Date Added: 02/14/2010

LED lights are amazing and incredibly efficient. And quite honestly, we?re geeks for anything using LED lights.

The question is whether or not LED?s are the right choice for a ?shop light?. Typically we use a 500W halogen shop light sold for $5-$20 dollars. So when we found this comparably priced LED ?shop light,? we had to give it a try.
Basic structure is the same: carrying handle, base leg, and face area for the light.

Two things are noticeably different: the panel of 45 LED?s, and a lack of intense radiating heat that will burn a carelessly placed hand.

For comparison, here is the light shown from a typical 500W halogen shop light.
And the LED ?shop light.?

Final Thoughts

The LED light is amazingly clean and white as we expected, but regular LED?s just don?t have the output. This doesn?t mean LED?s are not up to the task. For a small, kings? ransom, there are LED?s (pictured right) available that when configured in a 45 LED array could more than match up to the 500W halogen shop light.

Are you really willing to pay the cost for such a light when a halogen lamp is so inexpensive? If you are willing, you're out of luck. From what we have seen no one as of yet is willing to build a kings' ransom LED shop light.

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