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Moab Offroad - Louisville, KY

Article written by Troll

Date Added: 08/15/2010

Moab Offroad is a true gem of a shop in the Jeep and offroad industry.

At MoabJeeper Magazine, we are always on the lookout for shops and companies who go above and beyond the average and push the limits in creativity and customer service. We found all this and more at Moab Offroad in Louisville, KY.
Troll, our resident web and photo geek, decided to embark on a week-long trip to Moab with Adventure Bob, our chief breaker of things. The pair was looking for adventure and mayhem as they made the pilgrimage to our mecca of wheeling.
Troll was without an important piece of safety equipment to make the trip? a full roll cage. Given Troll?s track record in Moab on previous journeys, he was not about to make the trip without having this critical piece of equipment in place to keep his noggin from squishing on the ground like a turnip.
With only a few weeks to spare, Troll turned to the guys at Moab Offroad in Louisville, KY, to build the cage for the Hammer. Troll?s unofficial introduction to the guys from Moab Offraod was during a wheeling expedition in the KY and TN mountains the previous fall when he found himself leading the Thunder Road trail after the official trail guide?s rig dropped a clutch. Moab Offroad?s owner, Max Dollinger, worked with the Troll to make his TJ, known as ?The Hammer? the first rig over a large obstacle on the trail. This feat took the pair 45 minutes to accomplish after several spotting and driving attempts.
Nearly a year later with time running out on the Troll?s TJ build for the Moab trip, he contacted Max @ Moab Offroad and told him what he needed. Max said, ?yeah, we can do that. No problem. Just get it in here and we?ll get it done.?
What ensued next was a professional installation of a GenRight cage in The Hammer by the Moab Offroad crew. The guys at the shop worked well into the night and even through the weekend to make sure The Hammer was ready to roll (pun intended) into Moab. The build went off without a hitch and the cage was installed flawlessly with custom frame tie-ins to boot. You can see the build thread on the Moab Offroad forum here.

During this build experience, the Troll had the opportunity to interview Max and his guys about the shop and what it is that they do there. What the Troll learned was a shop that is truly passionate about Jeeps and the offroad industry.
Moab Offroad is more than just a typical offroad shop and custom build center. They are a shop whose love of Jeeps shows through in every build they do. These guys have been at it for more than 10 years and they have no intention on going away any time soon.
One of the key elements behind any successful business is the owner and their understanding of the industry they are involved in. Max Dollinger is a prime example of an owner who is at the top of his league in terms of knowledge, customer service and amazing approachability. Every question we fired off at Max was answered honestly with a big smile and a genuine understanding of his products and services.

What does Moab Offroad have to offer its customers? Just about everything Jeep related, including full custom builds, fabrication, bolt-on installs and even maintenance and repairs. If you have a Jeep (or other brand 4wd vehicle) these guys can build, install, repair and maintain it for you.

When Troll was at the shop, he saw some of the awesome builds guys at the shop had their hands in while the cage was being installed in The Hammer. These builds included: the Hi-Lift Jacks Jeep TJ for the 2010 Ultimate Adventure; an ?Ultimate Jeep?, whose build was dictated by the customers of Moab Offroad; a ?Retro Rebuild? of an old, loved YJ; and several other awesome projects. The fabrication and installation skills of the shop were clearly evident as the Troll took close looks at all of them.

With an ever expanding product line, which includes GenRight, BF Goodrich, Poly Performance, TerraFlex, and more, Moab Offroad is capable of delivering just about any product and offering professional installation service to boot. They are also building an online store where customers can purchase their products and have them delivered to their door.

Final Thoughts

Without question, we at MoabJeeper Magazine firmly support Moab Offroad in everything they do as an offroad shop and we highly recommend them to anyone needing a custom rig built, or any other service on their Jeeps. If you need work done on your Jeep, call up the guys at Moab Offroad and they will outperform the other guys!

Moab Offroad
4915 Poplar Level Road
Louisville, KY 40219
PH: 502-962-8141
Web: www.moab-offroad.net
E-mail: moaboffroad@hotmail.com

Our Thank You's!

Our sincere thanks goes out to Max and his crew at Moab Offroad for their quick turnaround and generosity toward our Magazine and our friends. You guys rock!

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