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Stylish Jeep Accessories

If you have just bought a Jeep and you want to give it a personal touch, then why not kit your Jeep out with some handy automotive accessories and gadgets? We aren't talking fluffy dice or nodding dogs, we mean great gadgets like digital radio transmitters and cell phone chargers. However, there are a couple of items which you should always keep in your Jeep, in case of an emergency.

An emergency cell phone charger or a spare cell phone is probably one of the most important things to have on you. It is important to keep your cell fully charged in case you get lost or break down. Alternatively, if you have stopped off somewhere for lunch, you might find the charger handy so you can look up your route on your cell phone's GPS map application, or just chill out over a game of Party Poker until you start driving again. In addition, a supply of emergency food and water is vital if you are ever lost or run out of gas; it will keep your energy levels up until help arrives.

But now onto some fun Jeep gadgets. If you love listening to music while you drive, then you are sure to love the iPhone Radio Transmitter device. Not only does it charge your cell phone, but it allows you to play songs from your music library, as well as picking up digital radio stations. If you keep snacks in your Jeep, then you are sure to find the refillable car bin useful. It attaches it to the back of the seat and is easy to slip on and off. As you probably know already, it is important to regularly check your tyre pressure. With a digital tire pressure device, you simply attach the air hose to the tyre, select your required tyre pressure and select start. Your tire will inflate and the unit will automatically cut out when the correct pressure is reached.


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