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During soccer training I had to ride from through the whole city to get to the soccer field. With my new mens smart coats I feel more dry and safe during riding. It is nice that such on line store as leatherstock works at our times. The coat by it's name is waterproof and good during my rides under fall season. The weather in our region can be changed for several times during a day so I don't break my head just wear ther coat and ride whenever I need to. Deshawn

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A few weeks back I was attending a very special meeting of bikers. I wanted to look very sophisticated there so I needed to dress something special. I chose Mickey Rourke Jacket. After wondering I finally thought that it would be the best. I turned on my computer and went straight for Leather4sure harley davidson and the marlboro man jacket on internet because this is where I shop all my jackets from. I found some jackets and ordered one. This Mickey Rourke Jacket gave me a very special look suited to the party. Sheila Daniels

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Motorcycle riding chaps are really much comfortable thing. I have purchased such chaps just a while ago. I have already used it few times when I took a ride to another city for meeting with my friends. I can say that this is the most suitable thing I ever used for riding a motorcycle! Pity I didn't know about such a wonderful clothing article before - I would used it earlier. I like my new cool motorcycle riding chaps very much! Lene Langhts

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I am the person who has been saved only by these stores gifts for chefs because I wanted to surprise my sister and the time I had was really very less. But thanks to this store who has saved me from such embarrassing situation by offering me fast delivery and that was free as well. My sister loved that stuff which I have bought from here in fact she asked me to share the site link with her as she wanted to buy some gifts for her friends as well. Martina Frenz

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i received the custom letterman jackets today it is a great fit and nice quality thanks Order received. Thanks for all your help! Michelle thank you, your pre sales service was excellent and I did need a 4X which is what I got. I had to collect the custom letterman jackets myself and I had to wait for over 1HOUR before the couriers could find it. Many other people were complaining but this is not the fault of your company. The coat seems very good, thank you! the custom letterman jackets are perfect and i will be recommending your company to other people excellent service. Amanda Fox

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On this Valentine's Day I gave my boyfriend a pair of jackets online . One may thinks, what a strange gift for such a holiday. But, believe me, nothing better than that could be for him. Jeff adores street biking. He loves the equipment, the process, the accessories, I sometimes think, that he loves the sport much more than me. He loved the present, just as I assumed. After he told me, that these are the best jackets online he had. So, thanks to the leatherline . Phoebe Morris

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I bought down jackets men just to see if the items were really good and if I would look sexy in them. It was just an experiment; hence, I only bought one. When it finally arrived, I wore it and checked out the mirror. This is probably the most successful experiment up to date. I love it so much that I will surely have one more ordered and worn to other events. Wish me luck. JC Vasquez

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Thanks a lot for my new work coats, I really like it. It is my favorite work coats. I got to keep up with it if I want something nice to wear when I go places. In my point of view, clothing is to be not only comfortable, but also stylish . Now, all the girls will be checking me out and that's always a good thing. The more I shop here, the more girls I get. What a great deal. I'll be back sooner than you think and I will invite my friends. Michael

Leather hats men

I love to grab the leatherstuff pea jacket from my cupboard whenever I go out, as I dont have to worry what other color of shirt I am wearing, because the black gets to combine with every other color perfectly. I think pea jacket are best warm partners you can get among your clothes. Exceedingly recommended. Edna Brooks

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Ever since its creation a coat is the only thing which never goes out of trend no matter which kind and type of trend is in or which are not. A coat has been gone through a complete product life cycle and from the very first day of its creation till present it has been transformed into each fashion and trend so carries a complete history with it self. It is a gentleman's symbol so it inspires me in such a way that I have just bought ladies winter coats from leatherstuff.co.uk.com. It seems that an outfit is incomplete if you don't have ladies winter coats on top. Janet